Review of The Stand In, because that girl is not me.

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Actress Drew Barrymore's new film work takes on the role of a stunned comedian who one day falls to heaven and becomes an introvert. Until one day, her instant star wanted to get a job back and forth. So I made an offer to come back and leave her job temporarily!

Streaming a new movie on Netflix, where in the US, some of the states are showing it in theaters! The Stand In tells the story of Candy Black (Drew Barrymore), a famous comedy actor who is loved by American audiences. Which after the famous firework cracked She began to face drug เล่นสล็อต addiction. And unable to control emotions Not including the lazy to work until the directors became tired. However, Paula (Drew Barrymore), a frequent stand-in for her surrogate surrogate, asked her to come out. So that she could have a scene to act and get her money back home. Candy then agrees to follow. But who would have thought that request was the last time Candy would have made a movie? Because she was unable to control her consciousness at work and ran amok until the set was broken.

Many years after that incident Kandy has become an introvert in the shelter. Paula became homeless. When the court wanted Candy to be treated, she came up with the idea of ​​having Paula go to rehab instead. Because she thought the court could not distinguish the two of them. The deal is that when Candy is able to resume her normal job, she will have to give Paula another stand-in for her. But when Candy breaks her promise, the chaos will never end.

In fact, The Stand In seems to be putting itself into a comedy, comedy. But after telling the story for a while, the tone of the movie doesn't look as funny as it seems. Which is not sure if it's ok, director like Jamie Babbit can't control the overall picture of the story effectively or not. Because sometimes the movie looks serious Sometimes the movie turns into a frightening thriller. After a while, it turned into a romantic movie. Until viewers do not know how to tune with this movie in which mode

However, what is quite a bit of crystallization from The Stand In is that it shows us that in the illusion it is difficult to create a picture for a lover. But maintaining that image forever is more difficult. Sometimes, when you get to a certain point, it is not an easy task to return to a normal person with a simple life. But as long as the fame Money and popularity still tempt the eyes, "Maima" is always ready to fly into the fire