The fashion line, the child version of "Pha Phat Chutimon" with the definition of "cool boyish and unisex" style

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It is best known for being the daughter of the senior fashionista of Mae Umon Latcha Sakulthai, who always has a style of spelling every eye. But the fashion line, the child version like Khun Pha Phean - Chutimont Sakulthai also came out to be an eye catcher outside the shadow of her mother, with her unique and uniqueness that could be called "Pa friend style"

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"The style that is the identity of Pha friend today Influenced by mother Because you have a clear style as you can see And everyone in the house likes to dress very much Time to travel home. The story goes to see the view as a secondary matter. Shopping comes first Man in our country is here.

"In the past, I bought it according to my สล็อตxo mother, followed by my mother or someone. I was young at that time. But dressed up until now Feel that our style is very clear, clearly know what you like, what you don't like, what brand The most important thing is that your friends will not be shaken by the trend. Will never be able to see friends wearing crop tops Inflatable skirt with a rainbow effect "

Check out this bold color block sweater with a miniskirt and mid-cut sneaker from Onitsuka Tiger that she's already wearing. It was easy to guess that she would define it. "Pa friend style" with what words "cool boyish unisex friend, these 3 words are the most for us We are a cool style, wear a suit, which we have been popular with for a while and then put on and feel the most like myself.